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100mm First Flush Diverter Kit


Price: $65.00

Downpipe first flush water diverters improve water quality and reduce tank maintenance by preventing the first flush of water, which may contain roof contaminants, from entering the tank.

They help ensure cleaner water is available for use, which protects rainwater pumps and internal household appliances, such as clothes washing machines, toilets, and hot water systems.

This suits a 100mm configuration.

Downpipe first flush water diverters are installed at each downpipe that supplies water to the tank. As the water level rises in the diverter chamber, the ball floats, and once the chamber is full, the ball rests on a seat inside the diverter chamber preventing any further water entering the diverter. The subsequent flow of water is then automatically directed along the pipe system to the tank.

Improve Your Rainwater Quality

A first flush diverter works by diverting the most contaminated water from your roof (first flush) before it goes into your tank. This means that any built up contaminant on your roof is first diverted and discarded before clean water flows into your water tank. This is especially important if the water is to be used internally such as for washing and toilet use.

Customise and Install With Ease

Supplied in a kit with T junction, ball and drip-drainer included, this first flush diverter can be installed on walls, posts, stands or even under your eaves. Simply add a customised length of pipe to divert your desired volume of dirty, contaminated water from each downpipe.

Irrigate Your Garden

The first flush diverter’s slow release valves automatically drains the dirty water you capture so you can enjoy the benefits of first flush diversion again and again. The draining water can feed your garden irrigation system or be discarded into a stormwater drain.

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Weight (kg)1.000000
Accessory TypeFiltration & Disinfection