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5000 Litre Slimline Water Tank

What Is Included In Our Price? All tanks come with our very own manufacturer direct 10 year construction warranty and 20 year warranty against corrosion.
  • Your tank is built upon order, brand new, right in our factory using only genuine BlueScope Aquaplate Steel
  • Generous inclusions are included with your tank
  • Industry leading customer service department and highly trained technicians to support you
Manufacturing water tanks since 1934 with hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers, you can have a peace of mind knowing that you'll be looked after before and after your tank is made!

Width: 1150mm, Length: 2600mm, Height: 1860mm

Our 5,000 Litre Slimline Water Tank is great for a medium to large household, with enough capacity for 839 toilet flushes, 5 hours of hand watering, or 62 washing machine loads.

Trusted by thousands of Australian families to harvest rainwater for their home, our tanks are made to last using genuine Bluescope AQUAPLATE® Steel with a fully engineered internal stainless steel support frame.

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Width: 1150mm, Length: 2600mm, Height: 1860mm

We produce our high quality Slimline water tanks locally in our Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane facilities for optimum precision and quality.

What You Can Do With 5000 Litres

Toilet Flushes Hand Watering Washing Machine Loads Weight
839 5 Hours 62 Loads 110 Kg

Note: These are estimates only

You can explore our Slimline Water Tank in full 3D view, both inside and outside below.

Left mouse button: Spin the tank
Right mouse button: Move the camera
Mousewheel: Zoom in and out

Click on each of the numbered 'hot spots' on the tank to view more information about each standard fittings and optional add-ons.

The Kingspan Advantage

  • Tanks are delivered by our professional team members to your slab, not the front door.
  • Manufacturer direct customer service and after sales support teams to assist you.
  • Made with genuine Australian Bluescope AQUAPLATE® Steel, which is specifically designed for constructing water tanks.
  • Fully engineered internal stainless steel support frame
  • Tanks meet Australian Standard AS4020 for storage of drinking water and carries Watermark certification
  • Industry leading warranty –10 year construction warranty + 20 year warranty against corrosion

Understanding Your Water Tank's Fitting Positions

As part of your water tank order, you'll be asked to decide on where you want the tank fittings to be installed.

One of our friendly team members will be in touch with you to assist you with this once your order has been confirmed.

Inlet: Where the water harvested flow into your tank
Outlet: Where water flows out of your tank
Overflow: Where excess water capacity flows out of your tank

You can view the positions to choose from in the 3d model.

Standard Inclusions


overflow overflow overflow overflow
25mm WaterMarked
Brass Ball Valve
25mm Outlets 90mm Overflow 400mm Inlet & Light Guard
with Mosquito Screen


Warranty Information

With a Kingspan tank, you can rest assured that you have support for the long term. Kingspan Water & Energy Pty Limited warrants the AQUAPLATE® range of steel water tanks as follows:

  • 20 year minimum life prior to perforation due to corrosion, as detailed in the AQUAPLATE® product warranty*.
  • 10 year construction warranty* covering the assembly and sealing of the tank.
  • 2 Years + 2 years BONUS warranty on Grundfos pumps when you register your water tank online.

*All our tanks come with a 10 year construction warranty and 20 year warranty against corrosion. Click here for comprehensive warranty information.

After Sales Support and Service

Our communication with you doesn't stop once your tank is delivered. Our dedicated after sales support team is always ready to assist you with any questions you might have regarding your tank, and all Kingspan water tank customers have access to our 'Customer Support Portal' for any after sales service needs.

Available Colorbond Colours

Base and Painted Colorbond options are State dependant. Kindly refer to the colour chart documents below to check what is available in your State. Painted colours will attract an additional charge and this will be itemised in the quote.

NSW / ACT Colour Chart      VIC Colour Chart      QLD Colour Chart     


Kingspan Residential Water Tanks Brochure


Kingspan Water Slimline Water Tank Brochure 2019

Tank Base Preparation

This brief guide for base preparation should be followed to ensure a correct foundation is laid for your AQUAPLATE® tank. Damage to your tank due to failure or movement of the tank base is not covered by the warranty. Please keep in mind that 1000L of water weighs 1000kg, and this is a significant force. Soft ground may subside under the weight of a full tank.

The base of your tank is made with double sided AQUAPLATE® i.e. the inside and outside of the tank base is coated with a polymer film to prevent corrosion. The tank may be in direct contact with the tank base and the tank will not corrode. Hence there is no reason to elevate the tank above ground level.

This base preparation guide should be taken as a guide only. Specific details on the construction of a tank base should be referred to an engineer for formal advice. Kingspan Water accept no responsibility for the failure of a tank base.


Stand Concrete Paver Base Concrete Base Crusher Dust Base
Stand Base Stand Base Stand Base Stand Base
Stand construction must be certified as strong enough to support the tank’s weight. Consult a structural engineer to ensure the construction and footing is sufficient for the tank. The top of the stand must be flat, smooth and level. Tank stands may be made with varying leg lengths to accommodate a sloping site. Kingspan Water tank stands are available to suit a range of tanks. To use a concrete paver base, the area must be cleared down to firm earth. A paver base installed on soft ground (i.e. a garden bed) will subside over time, and is not advisable. Once dug down to a firm surface, spread sand and cement mix 75mm thick over the entire base, level out then proceed to place concretepavers flat on top. Once laid, shower the pavers with water to set the sand and cement off. Paver base is to be large enough to support all edges of the tank. Tank may be placed on to paver base straight away. Do not fill tank above 2 corrugations for at least 48 hours. A concrete slab base is the most suitable base for your AQUAPLATE® rainwater tank. Construction of a concrete base needs a minimum of 100mm thick concrete and F62 mesh, on a flat level area. If the tank is to be positioned in an area that is on a slope then the thickness of the slab is to be increased and the mesh to be a higher grade. The slab must be flat, smooth and level. Finish with a metal trowel is advisable. Slabs must be large enough to support all edges of the tank, and should be at least 100mm longer and wider than the tank. Slabs must be allowed to cure for at least five days prior to placing tank on slab. Crusher dust bases are only suitable for larger diameter round tanks. The crusher dust must have no particles larger than 5mm diameter. The crusher dust is to be 100mm thick. It must be compacted, level and flat. A border must be placed around the crusher dust to ensure it does not erode over time or is undermined by heavy rain or burrowing animals. The base should be large enough to support all edges of the tank. Tank may be filled straight away. Coarse aggregate should be spread over any exposed crusher dust, after the tank is positioned, to prevent erosion.

Note: Care must be taken when positioning the tank on a crusher dust base to ensure it does not dig in and create an uneven surface.

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More Information
Weight (kg)130.000000
Tank Length (mm)2600
Tank Width (mm)1150
Tank Height (mm)1860
Tank ShapeSlimline
Tank DesignRegular